Known as a reputed brand, Vaporesso perfectly combines aesthetic and high quality. It has created vibrant and amazing vape kits, pod systems, mods and tanks such as Armour Pro kit, SKRR-S mini tank, all in which are visually appealing piece of cloud chasing perfection.

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It needs no introduction among vaping fans. The company was established in 2015 by its parent company, SMOORE. SMOORE, which was itself established in 2006, prides itself as one of the most research-focused vaping companies, with five research centers spread across the world. These research centers have a cumulative total of over 100 high-tech medical researchers who collectively work towards achieving the company’s mission of becoming a global leader in the atomization technology platform.

So, with such a wealth of research and experience from its parent company, it is clear to see how this brand has gradually carved a niche in the vaping industry. It currently boasts over 800 patents, and their goal is to manufacture highly-effective and safe vape products for both beginner and seasoned vapers. Like its parent company, it believes in leveraging cutting-edge vaping technology, thanks to the dynamic nature of this industry.

Top Products of This Brand

Aurora-Play AIO Pod-System 650mAh:

One of the first things you will love about this product is its compact and stylish design. The pod vape features cCell coils, an automatic MTL-draw and a top-filling system that gives you the ability to fill your device without having to take it out. The device comes complete with a 650mAh battery for maximum vaping experience, as well as a 2ml-pod with 1.3ohm-resistance.


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